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Ildjarn ‎– 1992-1995 cd


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This compilation covers a 3-year period in Ildjarn’s musical development. All the songs you hear are very short, usually about 2 – 3 minutes, with only one song ‘Krigere’ at the end coming near the 5-minute mark. In structure, the songs are very basic, almost ultra-primitive, with the rhythm section banging away without much variation at a steady clip. An early track on this set, ‘Kronet’, is fairly typical: what you hear at the beginning is more or less what you hear close to the end though at some point in the song the bass drops out temporarily; and the song also shows Ildjarn’s vocals at their most usual: extremely distorted and harsh like an especially embittered being who has so much bile and hostility against humanity that you can hear it searing through him as he sings. Then you get tracks like ‘Himmelen Svartner’ on which Ildjarn’s vocals are very whispery though the hatred is still there. With such a basic template, the music turns out to be varied in the sense that each of the 28 songs has its own distinctive rhythm and style. In its own severe way the music is well-crafted and shows some folk music influence. The music being so raw and intense, and so full of anger and venom, and the style being so severe to the point of being ascetic, this album won’t have a wide appeal but it’s a good introduction to Ildjarn’s early work.

Track listing:
1. Introduction-second mix
2. Succumb-the mutilationt heme second session version
3. Hogs Of Hate-instrumental
4. Strength And Anger 1-first mix
5. Dark December
6. Der Det Skjulte Lever
7. Whispering Breeze
8. Inanimate
9. Morket Slynger Seg
10. Skogrommet
11. Strength And Anger 2
12. Dead Years
13. Taakeheim
14. Chill Of The Night (Returning)
15. Strength And Anger IV
16. Skogssvinet
17. Visions Of The Earth-second returning
18. Strength And Anger VII (Hammer Torture Version)
19. Strength Unknown-instrumental
20. Nocturnal Gathering
21. The Blade Flares In Red Light
22. Svarte Fjell
23. Away With The Dawn
24. Clashing Of Swords
25. Tildekket Og Kald-first version
26. Det Morkner-first version
27. Dodmorke 1-first version
28. Dodmorke 2-first version
29. Cold And Waste
30. Strength And Anger V (Winter Recital Version)
31. Strength And Anger VII (Guitar/Bass Instrumental)
32. Succumb-the mutilation theme initial session final cut version
33. Ending: Subsonic Death Pulse

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