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Ildjarn -Nocturnal Visions cd


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‘Nocturnal Visions’ starts off with an industrial ambient track, harsh, scary and foreboding but extremely unmusical. The second track starts with a buzzy, understated, childishly simple guitar riffs over a nihilistic drum rhythm, throbbing, monotone bass high in the mix for black metal standards. The vocals are barely audible and hard to describe but are somewhere between a croak and a low-pitched rasp. You’d think that after more than ten years in the business, mister Vaaer would have learned a few new riffs and drum rhythms, but no, as a traditionalist and a primitivist he does not seem to strive toward any form of progression. This doesn’t sound like something you would like or ? And yet… somehow the sound does get to you. It’s extremely noisy, extremely monotonous and extremely crude but it generates a certain mood. There is something commanding in its primitiveness.

Track listing:
1. Nocturnal Massacre
2. Nocturnal Gathering
3. Death Dynamics
4. Strength and Anger V (Winter Recital Version)
5. Nattens Skyggesider
6. Strength and Anger VII (Hammer Torture Version)
7. Solitary / Nocturnal Visions Rev. / Closing Recital

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