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Imaginery -Long Lost Pride cd


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Greek keyboard and guitar player Bob Katsionis is best known for partaking in various metal bands and projects in different capacities. Besides his work with well-known power metal band Firewind, he has also been involved in the amazing atmospheric death metal band Septic Flesh, the neoclassical shred act Overlord’s Perpetual, the gothic-tinged melodic metal band Star Queen, and of course the great Greek black metal ensemble Nightfall, among many others. Imaginery shows Bob Katsionis power metal side where he plays both guitars and keys and writes melodic power metal songs suited to the voice of Bjorn Jansson, the successful singer of Tears of Anger. Jansson doesnt sound like the typical Euro power metal singer; he is more in the league of singers like Jorn Lande, Jeff Scott Soto and Glenn Hughes. The classic power metal anthems such as Hypnotized, Sign of Today and When All Is Gone are filled with huge choruses, speedy guitar riffs, melodic solos, and the occasional nod to 80s Malmsteen or Whitesnake inspired hard rock. On the other hand, Katsionis also utilises symphonic keyboards and marries them with Egyptian themes on Blind Eyes, which except its lyrics, is a very solid cut. The lyrics seem a bit forced; every line is forced to rhyme with each other, and therefore Jansson seems to have difficulty in delivering it the way it’s meant to be. Nightmare of Kain might be the heaviest number and sticks out with its clever arrangement and thick bass bottom. Guests include Marcel Coenen from Sun Caged, Gus G. Marcel from Katsionis Firewind band, and Michael Harris, all of whom play fitting guitar leads. Long Lost Pride is a solid power metal release and will interest listeners who like bands that continue to borrow 80s elements from notable hard rock artists including Whitesnake and mix them up with earlier Malmsteen songs and if youre hankering after more Masterplan material with Jorn Lande doing the vocal duties, then this is a must-have album.

Track listing:
1. Hypnotized
2. The Sign Of Today
3. When All Is Gone
4. The Nightmare Of Kain
5. Roughly Scratched But Alive
6. Korozon (The Lord Of Evil)
7. Peace Of Mind
8. Blind Eyes
9. Dark Angel
10. In My Life

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