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Imago Imperii –A Tale Of Darkness And Hope cd


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Third full album from the Italian power metallers, where they mix power metal with epic and symphonic metal, plus additional female vocals next to male. A Tale Of Darkness And Hope is in the bands own words the following:
This is the story of Martin, a young astronomer and scientist who lived in Spain in the XVth century, during the horrible period of the inquisition. The sleep of reason generates monsters and he, like thousand of people in late medieval and modern age, will have to face the nightmare of imprisonment, torture and the menace of being burned at the stake. For Martin it will be a real tale of darkness with the hope of being free and the strength of his beliefs.

Track list:
1. Memories From Hell-intro
2. Look At The Stars
3. Forbidden Love
4. The Accusation
5. The Gate
6. Torture 1481
7. Infernal Procession
8. Trap Or Escape
9. Darkness And Hope
10. Freedom Flies
11. Last Queen MMXXI
12. The Curse Of The Dark Castle

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