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Mega rare original 2002 press with lyric insert. Limited 666 numbered copies

With the release of ‘Unholy Cult’, Immolation has once again put their undeniable stamp on the contemporary death metal scene. This album is a truly unique testament to both the talent and style that Immolation puts into their genre. Whereas ‘Close To A World Below’ was a more straightforward, brutal album, ‘Unholy Cult’ has a bigger emphasis on technicality and polyrhythmic capability by the band, vaguely reminiscent of the technical juggernaut known as Meshuggah. Immolation provides more than just great guitarwork, terrifying vocals and thunderous blasts on this album. They work to further solidify their own niche in the death metal scene, and do so with great vigor. Also notable on this album is that the lyrics this time around aren’t quite so much directly blasphemous as much as they really attempt to inspire a sense a self-righteousness, authority, and self-reliance in the individual. I cannot quite say that this album entirely beats out Immolation’s previous effort, but they certainly created a more than worthy addition to their catalogue with ‘Unholy Cult’.

Track listing:
1. Of Martyrs And Men
2. Sinful Nature
3. Unholy Cult
4. Wolf Among The Flock
5. Reluctant Messiah
6. A Kingdom Divided
7. Rival The Eminent
8. Bring Them Down

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