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Impaler -Old School Ghouls cd


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Impaler was one of the first shock rock metal bands. They were on the PMRC’s ‘most hated list’ of offensive metal bands back in the heydays. Their sixth album was released suitable on Halloween 2002 and was called ‘Old School Ghouls’. It kicks off with the spine-tingling kinder-poem ‘The Worms’. These guys are the real thing, and would surely send today’s golf-course-haunting Alice Cooper shrieking for his mama post-haste. Which is funny, since Bill Lindsey and Co. pay homage to the former Master Of Shock here with a (bloody) cover of his ’70s classic, ‘Dead Babies’. The creepy quartet also send shouts out one of their other important influences, those horror-movie-addicted punk godfathers, The Ramones, on ‘Psychotherapy’. ‘Superhuman’ is coming off the long out-of-print ‘Wake Up Screaming’ release. This CD is a 40 minute journey into the macabre with ghouls and ghastly horrors with their blood-curdling ideas; it’s all for fun of course. There’s also a CD-Rom video for the track “Decayed” for your viewing pleasure. A must for Impaler fans and anyone into the old school with an undying passion for the morbid.

Track listing:
1. The Worms
2. Legend Of The 13 Graves
3. Decayed
4. Dead Tired
5. Dead Babies-Alice Cooper cover
6. Mutated Genetic Monster
7. My Mephisto
8. Master Of Disaster
9. Blood Of The Vampire
10. Psycho Therapy-Ramones cover
11. Superhuman
12. 666 Dreary Lane
13. Worms (Reprise)

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