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Impaler -Undead Things cd


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More than twenty years ago in the frozen metropolis of St Paul, Minnesota, the blood soaked heavy metal band Impaler was born. The band quickly gained attention for their onstage horror movie based theatrics, complete with cages, pyro and more blood usage than a good day on a movie set with Lucio Fulci. After their second album in 1990 that was only on a small local label they band had a break before they reformed to play on a Halloween night in their home town of St. Paul, Minnesota in 1994. A second gig followed on Valentines day 1995 but would prove to be the last occasion. This however lead to a more constant reformation and the band recorded their third album ‘Undead Things’ and released it on their own Vlad Productions imprint in 1996. Typically Imapler were back in the news, the cover art to ‘Undead Things’ horrifying many retail chains who refused to stock the album.

Track listing:
1. Dying To Meet You
2. Strap Me Down
3. Tall, Dark, And Gruesome
4. Superhuman
5. King Of The Freaks
6. Pet Cemetary
7. Undead Things
8. Sci-fi Classic
9. Angels Kiss
10. Psychobasher
11. Unnatural Rites
12. Someday I’ll Rule the World

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