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Impellitteri –Screaming Symphony lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 444 numbered copies

Impelliteri was formed by high-speed neo-classical guitarist Chris Impelliteri, whose style is reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen. He produced a self-financed album of instrumentals in 1986 and formed his own band in 1987, which consisted of former MSG and Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet, keyboardist Phil Wolfe, ex-Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright, and ex-Ted Nugent drummer Pat Torpey. This line-up recorded Stand In Line and thanks to Bonnets voice it strongly sounded like Rainbow. The album was a success and unfortunately many music fans stopped following the band after Bonnet left. This is such a shame as Bonnet was replaced by Rob Rock, another strong metal vocalist. The 1996 album, Screaming Symphony, is a very solid shred/speed metal album with a tinge of neoclassical metal. The band’s performance is solid and at the top of their game on this album. Rob Rock peppers each song with classic metal styled vocals and plenty of high falsetto note shrieks. Screaming Symphony is overall a great way to introduce newcomers to Impellitteri because of its high quality content. I recommend this album to people who enjoy shred/speed metal and even some neo-classical metal.

Track list:
1. Father Forgive Them
2. I’ll Be With You
3. Walk Away
4. Kingdom Of Light
5. Countdown To The Revolution
6. 17th Century Chicken Pickin
7. Rat Race
8. For Your Love
9. You Are The Fire

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