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Imperial State Electric -Reptile Brain Music lp [red]


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2023 pressing on red vinyl with gatefold cover

Reptile Brain Music is the third Imperial State Electric studio album which was originally released at the tail end of 2013 in mainland Europe. Just like its predecessors this album comes steeped in the tradition of 70s rock music. Clocking in at a little over 33 minutes and boasting a dozen tracks that happily recall the days of flared trousers and platform shoes. Even the packaging takes one on a trip down memory lane, the album itself featuring the vintage Warner Brothers Burbank label. Reptile Brain Music features some first rate proper rock and roll. Great production and the guitar tones are stellar and on top of that comes some well executed songwriting. Just like with the Hellacopters, Nicke Anderson tends to wear his influences on his sleeve. Theres hints of vintage Kiss, Badfinger, MC-5, The Raspberries, Cheap Trick, etc in the vein of 70s guitar pop so don’t expect to hear Cream Of The Crap or Payin The Dues type of Hellacopters stuff with Imperial State Electric, just great hooks that don’t wear out their welcome and tasteful chops – not show off. Once again, Northern Europeans are doing American style guitar rock better than the bulk of American bands do.

Track listing:
1. Emptiness Into The Void
2. Underwhelmed
3. Faustian Bargains
4. Reptile Brain
5. More Than Enough Of Your Love
6. Dead Things
7. Apologize
8. Stay The Night
9. Eyes
10. Born Again
11. Nothing Like You Said It Would Be
12. Down In The Bunker

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