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Impiety – Skullfucking Armegeddon [original]


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Impietys second album ‘Skullfucking Armageddon’ is one of their most successful and features pure adrenaline blackened death metal. Historical yet monumental, Skullfucking Armageddon paved the band's path to fury with 2 successful European tours in 2000 as headlining tyrant and finally to a signing deal with Osmose Productions. 8000 units of the first edition on Dies Irae records were manufactured and distributed worldwide. It was then re-released by Drakkar records with three bonus tracks. However since that album also has been sold out since 2002 it has been plenty of demand for a new re-release. A new version came out in 2011 in a digipack form with an un-released artwork and photos from the time the album was first released plus additional liner notes etc. However this is the mega rare original Dies Irae records pressing from 1999 Track listing: 1. Lords Of The Apokalypse 2. Nocturnized 3. Sodomythical Frostgoats 4. Ironflames Of Hate 5. Diabolical Witches Aggression 6. Skullfucked- The Speed Metal Hell 7. Sorcerique Baphostorms 8. Torment In Fire

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