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Impiety -The Impious Crusade mlp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and poster

Impiety, the original Singahell blasphemers, returns with this focused n fierce The Impious Crusade EP. At 22 devastating minutes, Impietys mini-album is locked into the maxim of crush/kill/destroy – and Crush/Kill/Destroy they indeed do across the five tracks here. Including a cult cover of Sorcery’s Lucifers Legions and uniquely noble artwork sculpted by Lord Sickness, The Impious Crusade is the perfect Impiety statement: flawless execution, black/death barbarity and insanity, a veritable thermonuclear warhead aimed at the gates of heaven. And thus begins The Impious Crusade

Track listing:
1. Prelude (Arrival Of The Assassins)
2. Commanding Death And Destroy
3. Accelerate The Annihilation
4. The Impious Crusade
5. Lucifers Legion-Sorcery cover

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