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Impious – Terror Succeeds


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Impious' history dates back seven years now, but aside from demos and compilation appearances, this is but their second release. Through this time the band has survived several line-up changes as well as members switching instruments. Their current sound is one that is deeply rooted in death and thrash, and is plenty aggressive with catchy hooks and creative instrumental interplay. Obviously, since they are from Sweden, it is easy to sit back and point out parts that sound like this or that Swedish band, but no one could blame them for drawing upon such rich history, and they don't sound like any one band in particular at all. I really like the raw guitar parts which are really aggressive and powerful. Along with the thundering drums they manage to create a solid sound. The bass is also very good. So we have great guitars and a proper rhythm session. What do we need now? Good raging brutal vocals. Well, we have that too! They have speed, they have melodic parts, they have everything a Swedish Death Metal fan wants. If you like Swedish Death Metal then you should buy this album at any cost. Track listing: 1. Soulexcursion 2. Terror God 3. Retaliation 4. Nuclear Storm Demise 5. The Punishment 6. Dimension Hell 7. Black Death 8. Diseased 9. The Loss Of Life 10. Nightmare Resurrection

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