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Impulse Manslaughter ‎–He Who Laughs Last Laughs Alone lp [blue]


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Original 1987 press on blue vinyl with lyric insert. Nuclear Blast catalouge numer 003

Punk influenced Death / Thrash outfit. Chicago’s Impulse Manslaughter would be one of the very first signings to the Nuclear Blast label. In fact, the band had some songs on the compilation album ‘Senseless Death’ featuring such bands as Attitude, Sacred Denial, Fear Itself, etc.). This compilation album was the very first Nuclear Blast release. The first album ‘He Who Laughs Last…Laughs Alone’ followed in 1987. Bassist Nick Stevens would depart in late 1987 and Chris Hanley duly switched from guitar to bass again to cover whilst Mike Schaffer was drafted as guitarist. This is loud crossover with such intense drumming. If you went to a Impulse Manslaughter concert you just had to be ready to snap your neck in the middle of the pit.

Track list:
1. Batman And The Oracle Of Penile Savage
2. Vomitheads
3. We’re All Bored Here
4. Suffer In Silence
5. Walls
6. They Start The War
7. Premature Evacuaction
8. Crimes
9. Too Late
10. Pills
11. This World
12. Sedation
13. Cheer Up You Fucker
14. Kein Spiel
15. Oatmeal II
16. 1987 Schitzoid Sam
17. Pattonstiens Disease
18. Piss Me Off

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