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Impurity –The Legend Of Goat cd


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Impurity emerged from the depth of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil where other notable bands such as Sarcofago and Sextrash resided in the mid 80s. Impurity set out to create their own unholy noise in the vein of their gods. The band released their debut album The Lambs Fury in June 1993 through Cogumelo Records and even to this day the album is sorely overlooked, one of the best hidden gems from the Cogumelo catalogue and rather hard to find. The music contained within was pure Brazilian black metal with vocals in the style of Holocausto Bloody Vengeance of Beherit and drums reminiscent of DD Crazys performance on I.N.R.I. The band has been active since then and they have released several albums. The Legend Of The Goat is a South Korean compilation album featuring 11 selected studio tracks as well as 11 live tracks recorded in Asia, Europe and several countries of the South America between 2003 and 2017. If you love extreme sounds then Impurity is for you.

Track list:
1. Intro – The Satanas Path
2. Impurity In The Blood
3. Episcopal Disgrace
4. Grayish Land Of Desolation
5. Canonical Destruction
6. Preaching Mark Of The Beast
7. Night Beasts
8. Night Of Torment In The Cemetery
9. Anti – Dominical
10. The Black Angel Born At Dusk
11. Locus Macabrus
12. Intro-live
13. Lucifer Vomiting Blasphemies Over Christ’s Head-live Paraguay 2017
14. Cemetery Eyes-live Paraguay 2017
15. Invocation Of The World Of Horrors-live Chile 2016
16. Baphomet Shield-live Brazil 2003
17. All In The Name Of Satan-live Argentina 2017
18. The Firmament Of Fire-live Germany 2014
19. Lambs Fury-live Chile 2013
20. Malediction-live Chile 2013
21. Cult Anti Matutinal-live Japan 2015
22. Sabat-live Japan 2015

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