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In Flames -Battles cd


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German Nuclear Blast edition in jewelcase

Confidence and palpable excitement is dripping all over Battles from the instantly infectious “take the power back”-anthem ‘The Truth’ to the jaw-dropping technical brutality of ‘Through My Eyes’ and distinctive groove and climactic chorus of the album’s title track. In other words, the album sees the band making the hooks sharper, the riffs tighter and honing the overall attack in a way that parallels their legendary live shows in an unparalleled fashion.

Track list:
1. Drained
2. The End
3. Like Sand
4. The Truth
5. In My Room
6. Before I Fall
7. Through My Eyes
8. Battles
9. Here Until Forever
10. Underneath My Skin
11. Wallflower
12. Save Me

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Nuclear blast records

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NB 3773-2 / 27361 37732