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In The Woods –Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

In The Woods has never been a band which is easily characterized. Their earlier record Heart Of The Ages is in a black metal vein. In contrast 3 times 7 is not a black metal record. It is a compilation of three seven inch EP’s which In The Woods has released during their career. Some of the songs are older and because of that they are heavier than the more recent stuff. The album consist of 6 own tunes and 4 covers. Among the own tunes we have a remake of Mourning The Death Of Aase. This track is originally on Heart Of Darkness but this version is heavier with a female singer. And the cover tracks are very well done and done in a both different and interesting way. This is a highly recommended album

Track list:
1. Seed of Sound
2. Karmakosmik
3. Epitaph-King Crimson cover
4. Empty Room
5. Let There Be More Light-Pink Floyd cover
6. Child Of Universal Tongue
7. Soundtrack For Cycoz pt1
8. White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane cover
9. Mourning The Death Of Aase
10. If It’s In You-Syd Barett cover

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