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Slow lava lapilluses, worlds collide, falling stars light the night of an unknown age. These are the images that arise while listening to the latest Inade album The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects. The ten tracks of the album give some new elements to the mythology created by the band. As usual the darkest corners of sound have been explored and their sound sculptures (which can’t be described only like dark ambient suites) find new ways of expression thanks to a great mix of melodies, noises, effects and vocals. “A lefthanded sign” shows us a new Inade sound by mixing their great sound to vocals and melodies. It’s a good effect having blasts, deep vocals and ambient sounds all mixed like it was a pop song for angry deities. “From the angle of aleph”: is a ritual track with sounds that recall the Tibetan human thighbones. Passing from different grades of tension the album closes with “Aion teleos”, a track of the apparent calmness which is the perfect soundtrack for a post apocalyptic scenario.Vocal sample in “The World Behind The World” is taken from movie “Constantine”.

Track list:
1. The Engine Of The Mind
2. Abandoned Inferno
3. A Lefthanded Sign
4. Altar To The Unknown
5. The Tellurian Vortex
6. The World Behind The World
7. From The Angle Of Aleph
8. The Veil Of Eternal Unity
9. Canon Of Proportion
10. Aion Teleos

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