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Infernal Majesty ‎–No God lp


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Black vinyl with poster and insert. Limited 400 copies

It’s been a long wait, and it is finally over: Canadian thrash metal masters Infernäl Mäjesty are at last presenting the world with a brand new full-length album. No God is their fourth album, and the first to come out in thirteen years. Singer and band mastermind Chris Bailey is more than excited about the release: “We are seriously feeling awesome. When your hard work, thoughts and ideas finally come together into reality it’s a great feeling but we have a lot of work still to do.” He then tries to give a short summary of what has happened in the Infernäl camp since the first release of their last album “One Who Points to Death” in 2004: “When I get asked this my brain freezes because I don’t know where to start. As you can imagine much has gone on. A lot of soul searching, dealing with personal demons, member changes, death and destruction. All will be revealed in the book I’m writing on our history. Sure to become a movie. There are many more chapters yet to be played out before I begin the final cut. We have slowly but surely been reaching our goals that we set out to achieve when we embarked on our newest journey. We wanted to write a good album with good lyrics that weren’t just fluff. There is a purpose and insight to go with a heavy thrash attack on the senses. That was our main goal. We put a lot into No God but it will be up to our fans to decide. If they like it, then we achieved our goal. So overall, those who liked the intricate thrash/death blend on the last instalment should have no problems falling in love with this opus. The only unmitigated change is the reduction of the speedy walkabouts as the band aim at a more monolithic, mid-paced approach this time, not willing to dissolve the instilled dark mood with too many aggressive dashes. This decision serves them right, actually, as the less brutal execution allows more frequent technical passages to sneak in as the band have always been better at those when provided in a less intense manner. We can only hope they build on this and release another album without taking one of their long hiatuses.

Track list:
1. Enter The World Of The Undead
2. In God You Trust
3. Signs Of Evil
4. Another Day In Hell
5. No God
6. Kingdom Of Heaven
7. Nation Of Assassins
8. Systematical Extermination
9. Extinction Level Event

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