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Infest –Anger Will Remain cd


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2019 reissue with two bonus tracks from their 2019 Tour EP. Limited 500 copies

Our Serbian brothers from Infest have re-issued their out-of-print debut album from 2007. The 10 songs on Anger Will Remain are just that kind of food for those who love their old Morbid Angel, Demoltion Hammer or Malevolent Creation albums and who prefer a filthy, slightly deathly voice in these supersonic eruptions. Infest make it clear from the first minute on how to deliver a decent wrecking-ball with an addictive factor! For those of you, who likes the mangy death/thrash metal of the good, old school, who like it fast and sincere, let this half hour of global destruction come to your mind.

Track list:
1. Touch Of Death
2. Hate Is Cold
3. Mind Control
4. Betrayer
5. Maximum Violence
6. Anger Will Remain
7. Time To Die
8. Forbidden Past
9. Inquisition
10. Order
11. Under The Sign Of Legion
12. Legija

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Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion

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DEFENSE 074 / MP 28