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Infinita Symphonia -S/t cd


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The name Infinita Symphonia somewhat suggests a female-fronted symphonic metal band for those who have never heard of them Yet it’s actually an Italian quintet which can be labelled as progressive rock / metal with power / heavy metal influences and symphonic elements. This self-titled album is their second full-length so far. As mentioned above, the material is quite diverse and ranges from soft ballads such as Waiting Fo A Day Of Happiness to more progressive rock stuff like The Last Breath. There’s a great flamenco vibe in the Interlude as well. The heavier parts begin toward the two final tracks X IV and Limbo where we can really hear the heavy metal sound. However, the highlight of the whole album is still the special appearance of the power metal icon Michael Kiske in Fly which turned out the be the best track, obviously thanks to him and also the great job of the lead guitarist Gianmarco Ricascoli. Still, Luca Micioni also displayed great vocal skills on the rest of the album. Infinita Symphonia put together a quite odd combination in this album. It’s work just fine though.

Track listing:
1. If I Could Go Back
2. The Last Breath
3. Welcome To My World
4. Drowsiness
5. In Your Eyes
6. Fly
7. Interlude
8. Waiting Fo A Day Of Happiness
9. X IV
10. Limbo

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