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Inner City ‎–Big Fun (Remixes) mcd


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In the 1980s and 90s, a lot of dance music spotlighted female singers with thin, weak voices who seem on the verge of death. But house music has often been a home to expressive, big-voiced divas who can truly wail — a fine example being Paris Gray of the duo Inner City. Along with producer/composer Kevin Saunderson, Gray was responsible for some of the most rewarding dance music of the late ’80s and early ’90s. This album features 8 versions of the title track from Inner Citys debut album. While Saunderson’s production is decidedly high-tech, Gray’s warm, passionate singing is mindful of dance music’s heritage and underscores its soul and gospel roots in a delightful way.

Track list:
1. Big Fun-radio edit
2. Big Fun-respect mix
3. Big Fun-Phil Kieran remix
4. Big Fun-agoria remix
5. Big Fun-Kenny Hawkes remake
6. Big Fun-classic magic Juan Mix remake
7. Big Fun-Filippos Berlin Dub
8. Big Fun-Peshay remix

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‎PIASX 025 MCD / 940.0025.021