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Intermezzo ‎–Vild Värld MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Grey cassette with black text

Third and final album from the Swedish rock band Intermezzo. This band had many members during their different line-ups that would go on to stardom at least in their native country. On this third album we had Mats Larsson drums. Mats would play with several Swedish punk acts after this such as Sixten Redlös, Stockholms Negrer, KSMB etc but the bands most famous member was Thomas Eriksson who started a solo career as Orup and became a pop superstar in Sweden.

Track list:
1. Karriär
2. Alltid
3. Smått Våt
4. Om Du Bara Ler
5. Ord Av Lögner
6. Påskön
7. Vild Värld
8. Rosa Ljus
9. Eroina Lina
10. Polaroid Part I
11. Polaroid Part II
12. Thunderbolt

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SOS (Sound Of Scandinavia) Records

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