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Into Eternity -The Sirens lp [smokey]


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Smokey clear vinyl with lyric insert

The Canadian progressive metal act Into Eternity hit an extended artistic high point in 2006-2008 when the got rave reviews for 2006’s ‘The Scattering of Ashes’ and 2008’s ‘The Incurable Tragedy’. These two albums set the table for a bright future when Tim Roth sat out of the band’s 2008 tour due to personal reasons, it set off a series of setbacks, including the departure of vocalist extraordinaire Block in 2013 to pursue a well-deserved opportunity to front Iced Earth. It would take ten years before The Sirens was released to a broader audience. Now with Roth back at the helm and excellent new vocalist Amanda Kiernan. And its good to hear that The Sirens features some solid tunes firmly entrenched in the bands signature sound. Whether or not you succumb to the lure of this album probably depends on how you feel about Into Eternity’s frenetic genre defying sound. Their long awaited record is a consistent, solid and occasionally excellent entry in their catalogue.

Track list:
1. Sirens
2. Fringes Of Psychosis
3. Sandstorm
4. This Frozen Hell
5. Nowhere Near
6. Devoured By Sarcopenia
7. Fukushima
8. The Scattering Of Ashes

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