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Inyourface -Arctic Antarctic cd


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Inyourface from Granada, Spain feels like a very political metalcore act. They use their songs to raise awareness; or at least to let off steam on some issues that are on the agenda. The lyrics deal with the problems in society and politics in particular and if you dig more into the lyrics you will get the simple meaning and it’s the fact that we are all guilty. There is collaboration with Igor from Dawn Of The Maya on the track Homo Sapiens, where they come together to try to send a clear message (or most of the album is a clear message about preserving nature). Arctic // Antarctic is the two polar opposites and its almost symbolic for how the band mixes a lot into their music. We have postrock atmospheric interludes, whiplash breaks, guttural melodic choruses and straight to the point hardcore. It goes from heaviness one minute to piano the other. I must say that there are tracks on this album that is near flawless like Zenith, Physis, Canis Lupus and the final track Green Soldiers which ends with a great atmosphere and a piano outro that really feels like the calm after a storm. The overall verdict is that this is a very interesting album that most fans of straight edge, postrock and hardcore fans could and should check out

Track listing:
1. Iceberg
2. Ivory Cult
3. Homo Sapiens
4. Zenith
5. Physis
6. Polar
7. Oceans And Seas
8. Abyss Planet
9. Cimax
10. Animalia
11. Canis Lupus
12. Green Soldiers

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