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Iron Angel -Winds Of War lp


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Black vinyl with insert and poster. Limited 200 copies

Iron Angel participated in the first wave of Teutonic thrash metal bands — a bustling musical community that also gave rise to such famed outfits as Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Helloween, Running Wild, and many more, and arguably represented the largest concentration of bands exploiting this new genre outside the much vaunted San Francisco Bay Area. After entering their own pony into the German speed metal horse race with a frantic first album, Hellish Crossfire, Hamburg’s Iron Angel seemed to stay their riding crops, fall back from the front of the pack, and decide to jockey for position at a somewhat more restrained gallop for their second outing, 1986’s Winds Of War. Already, the group had shown themselves less interested in joining the Teutonic thrash movement’s extremist wing (represented by the uncompromising Destruction and Kreator) than they were its more accessible contingent made up of colleagues like Helloween and Grave Digger, with whom they would in fact help spearhead the burgeoning power metal style. And so, Winds Of War was the next logical step in that direction but this lead into creative differences already pushing the band towards extinction just one year later.

Track listing:
1. Winds Of War
2. Metalstorm
3. Son Of A Bitch
4. Vicious
5. Born To Rock
6. Fight For Your Life
7. Stronger Than Steel
8. Sea Of Flames
9. Creatures Of Destruction
10. Back To The Silence

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