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Iron Butterfly ‎–Heavy lp


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Exclusive 2014 Black Friday Release on 180g black mono vinyl

Iron Butterfly’s 1968 debut album, Heavy, established the band’s trademark sound, relying on plodding, heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums. Most of the album was not particularly well written — the riffs were the songs, not their foundation — but the band’s overwhelmingly loud sonic attack occasionally made up for the weakness in the material. Their music’s obvious draw is Doug Ingle’s organ playing and the guitarist’s unique Mosrite tone. On a side note, Danny Weis got that tone first and later showed it to Eric Brann. The album’s crowning glory is the instrumental Iron Butterfly Theme, which supposedly conveys the birth, life, and death of a butterfly. It’s made up of reverberating Mosrite guitar sound that Iron Butterfly is noted for and Doug’s ghost-like chanting. It ends with a repeating organ note that would seem to indicate a dying heartbeat, and then it flatlines. It’s Iron Butterfly’s most psychedelic song outside of In A Gadda Da Vida.

Track list:
1. Possession
2. Unconscious Power
3. Get Out Of My Life, Woman
4. Gentle As It May Seem
5. You Can’t Win
6. So-Lo
7. Look For The Sun
8. Fields Of The Sun
9. Stamped Ideas
10. Iron Butterfly Theme

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