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Iron Lamb -Fools Gold lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 150 copies

Iron Lamb from Stockholm was originally formed in 2009 out of the ashes of renown bands such as Repugnant, General Surgery, Dismember and Bombstrike. With a new line-up consisting of Daniel Bragman (vocals), Johan Wallin (General Surgery, ex-Repugnant, etc) guitars, Thomas Daun (Dismember, ex-Insision, etc) drums Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Dellamorte) bass and Jens Backelin (guitars) Iron Lamb have recorded their second album entitled Fools Gold, another bona fide Punk/Metal classic. Its been a while since The Original Sin, so what has happened within the Iron Lamb camp? Well, we got another guitarist, lost a singer and then found a new singer, laughs Johan Wallin. We also recorded stuff for a split 12″ and two different 7″ singles, so we havent been all gone. Some of us also had kids, so it took a little longer than we hoped for to record our second album. Johan explains the line-up changes in a bit more detail: Jens Backelin (Martyrdod, ex-Sanctuary in Blasphemy, Sunday Morning Einsteins) joined as a second guitarist, but that was even before The Original Sin was released. Also Grga quit the band and we have a new vocalist in Daniel Bragman (ex-Tyrant, Vinterland, The Black etc). We are very happy with the present line-up. If you compare this record to the rather raw debut album, then youll definitely come to the conclusion that Fools Gold is a more rounded effort. Johan puts this into his own words: Some people who have already heard it, feel that its more mature. I dont like that word, but I guess they have a point. Id say we’re starting more and more to sound like we aimed for when starting the band. The songs are maybe slightly slower generally, and the production is a bit more clear, although it’s far from polished. Daniels vocals are a bit rougher than Grgas, so the new album is both, a bit cleaner and a bit more dirty at the same time. I think it pretty much carries on where the debut album has left off, it’s still classic sounding rock and roll. And sure as hell that old Motorhead feel has not disappeared either. Iron Lamb are not out to copy anybody but just like Alan Davey’s Gunslinger they live and breathe the spirit of 1977 era Motorhead. Sure, that feeling aint going nowhere, thats for sure, remarks Johan. Fast Eddie Clarke obviously has been a huge influence on us as a band, both for riffs and lead guitar work. I never liked Phil Cambell. To be honest, I don’t like anything about him. Not his playing, not his guitar sound, not his look. I still think Motorhead did many good or great albums after Campbell joined, but I’m sure they would have been much better with Eddie (or Robbo for that matter). According to Iron Lambs guitarist, there are no real key songs on Fool’s Gold: Honestly, most of them are key songs. Most people who heard the album have their own favourite songs, so I guess that means that there are no fillers. Personally, I really like One Way Track and Feed The Fire (for their simple and punchy nature), Smile Now, Cry Later (for its catchiness), Leave Me Be (cause it’s so far away from anything we have done in the past) and Deadend Blues (for its heaviness and sombre touch). The mentioned Smile Now, Cry Later actually has a slight Ramones touch, no wonder as Iron Lamb are huge fans of classic punk rock. Sure it has, confirms Johan. Classic punk rock and classic hard rock are the stones Iron Lamb are built upon. Old punk, when there was still a rock in the word is a huge influence: Ramones, Dead Boys, Sex Pistols, The Testors, GG Allin etc. All the good stuff… Fools Gold as an album title is undoubtedly open to different interpretations. It could mean a lot of things, concludes Johann and laughs: Hows that for a cliché? To me it basically means that everything that glitters aint gold. Huge parts of the music scene (and life in general) are built upon the current hypes, what the most important people in the scene think, journalists or whatever is fashionable at the time. Sometimes the hype is worth it, most of the times it’s not. I think it’s something to always have in mind. Everything that glitters ain’t gold, and what is gold anyway? It won’t save you if you’re starving. Well, we all hope Iron Lamb won’t be starving any time soon. It’s not to be expected as most of the reviews for The Original Sin debut album have been pretty favourable, e.g. in Rock Hard, Germany’s leading independent Metal magazine. I was not really surprised about that, says Johan Wallin, but I was very happy that some people liked it. Not only journalists of course. I am genuinely happy and grateful for any fan that likes our stuff. When it comes down to it, we play mainly for ourselves, but if other people like it as well, it means we can do fun things, like record albums and play live.

Track listing:
1. One Way Track
2. Smile Now Cry Later
3. Feed The Fire
4. Backstabbers
5. Leave Me Be
6. Pink Mist
7. Mockingbird
8. Center Of Uhe Universe
9. Rip It Up
10. Deadend Blues

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