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Iron Maiden -Live After Death 2dvd


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European press with booklet

Iron Maiden’s World Slavery Tour was one of the longest and most extensive tours ever undertaken by a rock band. Lasting from August 9, 1984, to July 5, 1985, and visiting such countries as Poland, Austria, Hungry, Yugoslavia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, England, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Japan, and the U.S., the show included a mammoth setup that replicated the intricate ancient Egyptian scenery of the Powerslave album cover. As a “thank you” to the hundreds of thousands of fans who packed arenas the world over, the double-cd live set Live After Death was issued in 1985. A double dvd was released in 2008 with this classic concert together with a bonus disc that features so much great stuff. This dvd is essentially a best-of of sorts, since most of their singles released up to this point are featured in all of their high-decibel glory: “Aces High,” “2 Minutes to Midnight,” “The Trooper,” “Flight of Icarus,” “The Number of the Beast,” “Run to the Hills,” and “Running Free.” Also included are such strong album tracks as “Wrathchild,” “22 Acacia Avenue,” “Children of the Damned,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” “Iron Maiden,” plus their two epics, “Powerslave” and “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” making it a near-complete overview. Live After Death is easily one of heavy metal’s best tours ever.

Track listing:
1. Intro: Churchill’s Speech
2. Aces High
3. 2 Minutes To Midnight
4. The Trooper
5. Revelations
6. Flight Of Icarus
7. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
8. Powerslave
9. The Number Of The Beast
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name
11. Iron Maiden
12. Run To The Hills
13. Running Free
14. Sanctuary

Disc 2
1. History Of Iron Maiden Part 2 – Live After Death
2. Behind the Iron Curtain – Documentary
3. Ace High-live Rock in Rio 85
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight-live Rock in Rio 85
5. The Trooper-live Rock in Rio 85
6. Revelations-live Rock in Rio 85
7. Powerslave-live Rock in Rio 85
8. Iron Maiden-live Rock in Rio 85
9. Run To The Hills-live Rock in Rio 85
10. Running Free-live Rock in Rio 85
11. Ello Texas
12. Aces High-promo video
13. 2 Minutes To Midnight-promo video
14. Tour Programme Gallery
14. Photo Gallery – On the Road
15. Photo Gallery – In the Studio
16. Artwork Gallery

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