Iron Maiden -Run To The Hills Live 12″ [blue]



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Reissue of the Greek maxi single on blue marbled vinyl. Limited 300 copies

‘Run To The Hills-live’ was released from the classic ‘Live After Death’ album. Like all their early live tunes with Dickinson, it kicks ass. The B-side features Phantom of the Opera’, which is always a treat to hear with Bruce on vocals, recorded at the Hammersmith-Odeon in ’84. I’m not sure what it is, but every live recording of Maiden from the 80’s slays. Youth perhaps, but whatever it is, it’s the reason these tracks and Live After Death absolutely destroy later recordings like the Live at Donington and A Real Dead One. After that scorcher is ‘Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)’, the super-catchy instrumental from Powerslave. Once again, it sounds excellent; guitars, bass, and drums perfectly fusing to forge the tightest instrumental in Maiden’s career.

Track listing:
1. Run To The Hills-live 85
2. Phantom Of The Opera-live 84
3. Losfer Words (Big `Orra)-live 84

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EMI / Emial S.A Athens/Thessalonkiki Records

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