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Iron Maiden -Wasted Tapes cd


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Limited 1992 cd featuring material from two classic and important 80s shows as well as a bonus track recorded at Roskilde Festival in 1991. First out we have material from the bands Reading Festival performance in England on the 23rd of August 1980. Iron Maiden had been out on their first major headlining tour in England and finished it off with this show at Reading. This was up to this point the largest crowd Maiden ever had played in front of. The show went well and there were a big celebration afterwards so the band members had major hangovers the following day when it was time to fly off to Portugal to start the support tour to Kiss the same day. Out next comes material from one the most classic heavy metal happenings in the universe, the historic event Rock Pop Festival that took place in Westfalenhalle in Dortmund on the 18th of December 1983. Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Ozzy shared stage with acts like MSG, Krokus, Quiet Riot and Iron Maiden (Who finished their Brain Surgery tour with this gig by slaughtering their mascot Eddie). With the exception of Sanctuary (which is played a little bit too slow as compared to earlier versions), the rest of the songs are taken from the Number Of The Beast and Piece Of Mind albums, the Di’Anno era being mostly ignored. At the end of this album, the drum kit got trashed and Dave and Nicko getting pied by the crew. Although pieing has always been a tradition with Iron Maiden when one of the musician’s birthdays was coming up or for the very last gig of a tour, the destruction of the instruments was not at all common and this seems to be the only occurrence of such behavior on stage throughout their career. As it was the very last concert of the tour, it is quite likely that Maiden wanted to let off a bit of steam and, in the excitement, relished the final moments of a long and successful tour. By this point, the band were now recognized worldwide as a major touring and recording force, having completed three World Tours in three consecutive years. The phenomenal work rate and effort that the band and management had committed was possibly captured best at this, the last date of the World Piece Tour.

Track list:
1. Prowler-Reading 1980
2. Remember Tomorrow-Reading 1980
3. Killers-Reading 1980
4. Running Free-Reading 1980
5. Transylvania-Reading 1980
6. Sanctuary-Dortmund 1983
7. The Trooper-Dortmund 1983
8. Revelations-Dortmund 1983
9. 22 Acacia Avenue-Dortmund 1983
10. The Number Of The Beast-Dortmund 1983
11. Run To The Hills-Dortmund 1983
12. Sanctuary-Roskilde 1991

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