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Iron Spell ‎–Electric Conjuring cd


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Hailing from Santiago, Chile, and formed in 2013, Iron Spell’s debut, Electric Conjuring, shows that the band is firmly rooted itself in the traditional heavy metal genre. Their overall sound could be compared to a jarring head-on collision between Mexico’s Voltax and Sweden’s Black Trip, combining the raw metallic edge of the one with the melodic sound and occult related themes of the other, while also featuring undeniable NWOBHM elements, such as the highly colorful and timeless guitar solos that movement is well known for.

Track list:
1. Ave Zulbah
2. Torches In The Woods
3. The Night Of The Mothman
4. The Witch
5. Under The Iron Spell
6. Stormrider
7. Black Candle Light
8. We Are Legion
9. Evil Gypsy
10. Moonlight Maniac
11. Castle Of Punitore

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E.M.R. 046

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