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Isengard -Vinterskugge dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover. 2012 press

Vinterskugge is a 1994 compilation by Isengard. It contains most of the band’s demos released at the time.The sound is not as professional as you might expect it to be, but it’d be worth your time. Fenriz, Darkthrone’s drummer, is the only participant in this proyect. Everything including vocals are by him. You might think “Oh, this sounds just like Darkthrone! so I better don’t try it!” false! Isengard has a whole new sound to offer, even though the recordings are old, it is extremely underground. Black Metal from back when Black Metal was evil and not open minded.

Track listing:
‘Vandreren’ – ’93 demo.
1. Vinterskugge
2. Gjennom Skogen Til Blafjellene
3. Ut I Vannets Dyp Hvor Morket Hviler
4. Dommedagssalme
5. In The Halls And Chambers Of Stardust – The Crystallic Heavens Open
6. Fanden Lokker Til Stupet (Nytrad)
7. Naglfar

‘Spectres Over Gorgoroth’ – ’89 demo.
8. Thy Gruesome Death
9. Deathcult
10. Rise From Below
11. Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth
12. Trollwandering (Outro)

‘Horizons’ – ’91 demo
13. The Fog (early 1991)
14. Storm Of Evil
15. Bergtrollets Gravferd
16. Our Lord Will Come

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