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Isengard -Crownless Majesty cd


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Isengard yes, Fenriz no. These Isengard are Swedish and use this name for a longer time than the gentleman of Darkthrone from the western neighbour of this quartet’s home-country. This is epic power metal with influences from speed metal (some might think of the older stuff with Blind Guardian), some rock, some classic, so nothing really original, admitted. But the fact alone that ‘Crownless Majesty’ already is their third full album and that the debut ‘Feel The Fear’ already had been released back in 1994 make Isengard something special within the roaring surf of power mtal-bands. And the song-writing also shows that we deal with no greenhorns, because the arrangements and song-structures are showing a lot of maturity and the great implementation of a complete string-quartet, a bassoon and a complete gospel-choir are valid proof of that. Another very positive thing is the change on the microphone towards Linus Melchoirsen, whose voice is has a much higher range than the one of his predecessor, which becomes so very clear on the great balladesque ‘Stormcrow’, one of the highlights of the album! Theres nothing to complain about when it comes to production-wise and the visual side is top notch as well, a digipack, with a harmonic and characteristic dragon design artwork makes this one a fresh one among all the power metal epos

Track listing:
1. Dreamland
2. Coming Home
3. Legends
4. The Winds Of War
5. Stormcrow
6. Dragon Empire
7. Shadows Of Light
8. The Crownless Majesty
9. Armour Of Gods
10. Poltava
11. Eye Of The Storm
12. The Empire

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