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Isole -Dystopia lp


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Hopes and dreams are written in the sand
In a cold desert full of storms
Hopes and dreams are built by sand
In a desert full of storms

Black vinyl with gatefold cover

In 2014 Isole released, The Silent Hunter, their most accessible and most different album to date. After that the band seems to have gone back to their roots. If you love the early Isole then you just need to check out their 2019 album, Dystopia, as its probably their strongest album since Throne Of Void. This is classic epic doom metal and the lyrics are dark and depressing. Some hooks are big and lift the songs enormously. Fans of classic doom metal take notice as this is a big album with a big sound. You need this one

Track list:
1. Beyond The Horizon
2. Written In The Sand
3. The Beholder
4. You Went Away
5. Forged By Fear
6. Galenskapens Land
7. Nothingness

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