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Itnuveth –Enuma Elish cd


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Spain’s Itnuveth have returned with their 2020 recording, Enuma Elish, and the changes this one offers from their previous work is just minimal and still it feels like their meatiest offering since their 2014 album Enchantments. Everything you expect from this band like the tasteful interludes with real atmosphere, ripping solos and the tremendous dynamic in vocals are here but its the little things that make Enuma Elish a real treat. The penultimate track having purely female vocals that are all but stupendously perfect for this sort of material. The regular vocals feel much more fleshed out, somehow, which also applies to the entire band from the guitars to the tin flute. Everything about Enuma Elish is just as epic as its predecessors with it even surpassing them in some moments, helping the album as a whole stand out in a discography that’s been pretty noteworthy for years already. So If youre a fan of Pagan Black metal, you should check this out.

Track list:
1. Riding Alone Again
2. Wandering Crows
3. Enuma Elish
4. Black Tongues
5. Fire In Veins
6. Dhym Vhorgur
7. White Bones
8. Over The Tumulus
9. The Abyss Of Immortal Flames
10. Powerful Energies
11. Lakes Of Lava
12. Wait Patiently

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