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Ivory Tower –Heart Of The City cd


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2020 re-release. Limited 300 copies

Ivory Tower from New Jersey was a great melodic hard rock band that released the Heart Of The City on the small Wolfe Records back in 1988. This is excellent 80s hard rock. Just listen to the fast opener Ready To Roll, the kick ass title track Heart Of The City or the power ballad Givin It All To You. This band’s big sound should have propelled them to the top of the charts on the strength of their loud guitars, killer hooks, shout-it-out choruses, and gang backing vocals. Sadly they were lost in the shuffle of the business and didn’t get their shot at stardom. Sounds like vintage Leatherwolf.

Track list:
1. Ready To Roll
2. Heart Of The City
3. Givin It All To You
4. Break The Chains
5. Love Is A Game
6. Rough And Ready
7. Jump Into The Fire
8. Fallin In Love Again
9. Holding On To The Night
10. Raise Some Hell
11. The Pain Lives Forever
12. Eatin Out Of My Hand

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