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Ivory Tower -S/t cd


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Ivory Tower is a German power / progressive metal act similar to Vanden Plas. The band is still in its infancy, forming under the moniker of Ax’n Sex (I kid you not) in 1996. This traditional metal outfit released a successful 4-song demo called Victims of Time in 1997 before a series of lineup changes prompted a name change to Ivory Tower. The band also adopted a more progressive style to go with the new name, and in 1998, Ivory Tower’s self-titled debut was released. The band is characterized by Vanden Plas-esque crunch, melodic, ambitious songwriting, and the phenomenal operatic vocals of band co-founder André Fischer — which, in my opinion, is the band’s greatest asset.

Track listing:
1. One Life In Asia
2. A Distant Light
3. Alive
4. Falling Leaves
5. Spring
6. She
7. Music
8. Blinded

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