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Jal Fender And Prince Busters All Stars ‎–Holly Version 7″


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Original FAB records release with solid label

Prince Buster, Kingston, Jamaica establish his own Voice Of The People sound system, record label and shop. Buster produced countless records featuring either himself or virtually every top act of the time backed by the Prince Buster’s All Stars, initially Buster’s Group, defining from blues/shuffle origins a huge contribution to the ska era with classic after rousing classic, first on his Wildbells and Buster Wild Bells labels, followed by Voice Of The People, Soulsville Center, Islam, Olive Blossom Records, Prince Buster and Prince Buster Records Shack labels, which were concurrently released in the UK on Blue Beat, Fab and his own name UK label, moving gradually into rocksteady and reggae. Prince Buster also enjoyed repeated success thanks to the undying respect bestowed by generations of ska revivalists that saw him make a comeback virtually every decade, starting with the ska revival craze of 1979-80 when UK groups Madness, The Specials, The Beat, The Selecter and Bad Manners all paid tribute. This single was recorded with Jal Fender/Jah Fender and the B-side here was misprinted as the song is called Old Kent Road.

Track list:
1. Holly Version
2. Old Kentrone Version

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FAB Records

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FAB 166