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First-wave mod punks led by Paul Weller, who began as energetic Who clones but quickly became a distinct and proudly British combo. The Beat Surrender compilation was released in 1993 and it combines a couple of hits with poorly chosen album cuts for an incoherent and certainly far from comprehensive package. The Jam had a lot of great album tracks that were unfairly overshadowed by the singles and the tracks on this compilation could have been better chosen to create a Greatest Hits album

Track list:
1. Beat Surrender
2. Town Called Malice
3. Pretty Green
4. Thats Entertainment
5. The Gift
6. Carnaby Street
7. Batman Theme
8. In The City
9. All Mod Cons
10. The Modern World
11. When Youre Young
12. Funeral Pyre
13. Private Hell
14. In The Midnight Hour

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Spectrum Music / Karussell Records

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550 0062 / 550 006-2