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James Brown -Fever In The Funkhouse Olympia 1971 dvd


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You do not know Funk until you listen to James Brown, but you do not know James Brown until you listen to him live. This dvd documents a concert Mr Brown did at the Olympia Theatre in Paris France on the 8th of March 1971. This concert is full of spirit, energy, soul and power everything that is the essence of Funk. Blasting Bass, Banging Drums, Screaming Guitars, Top Horn Section, Brown’s voice, Booty Shaking Dance Music, Deep Slow Blue Tunes, One Bad Funky Concert which Rocks your Soul, what else do you need? The band besides James Brown during this occasion were:

Bobby Byrd: Backing Vocals, Organ
Catfish Collins: Lead Guitar
Bootsy Collins: Bass
Cheese Martin: Rhythm Guitar
Chicken Gunnells: Trumpet
Hasaan Jamison: Trumpet
Fred Wesley: Trombone
Saint Clair Pinckney: Tenor Saxophone
Tiger Martin: Drums
Jabo Starks: Drums, Percussions

Each were masters of their own trade and made this concert an event of a life time. Some of the greatest Funk tunes of all times were played live this night. Tunes such as “Sex Machine” (Get On Up), “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”, “It’s a Man’s world”, “Please Please Please”, “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” and “Super Bad” were performed masterfully. The fun “Brother Rapp” blends into one of the best ever funk/rock performances on record: “Ain’t It Funky Now.” James Brown’s intense vocals and squeals are matched by a Phenomenal guitar solo by Phelps (Catfish) Collins… loaded with power, funk, and a daring non-melodic break. Simply unmatched-play this loud and watch your friends’ jaws drop wide open in amazement. Mr Brown plays organ, and his cool nocturnal sounds echo over the applause and whistles of the crowd. It is a great display of musical sexuality. This dvd offers a rare glimpse of the original line-up of the J.B’s, the group Brown formed in 1970, about two years after the breakup of the Famous Flames. The film was apparently shot during one performance and the reason Brown is introduced twice and wears different clothing is because he takes a break between “Sunny” and “It’s a New Day” while Byrd’s wife, Vicki Anderson, sings two songs. These two songs are also on this dvd as well as a bonus song from Saturday Night With Sammy. Do you love Funk? Well this is pure Funk! It does not get Funkier than James Brown and this is James Brown’s classic live at is best. On 1971 James Brown Funked Paris up and Rocked the French like no other. This is a piece of Funk History and a great moment in the history of music. Capture this golden moment in the history of the American music by purchasing this unique concert dvd for your collection.

Track list:
1. Introduction
2. Brother Rapp
3. Aint It Funky Now
4. Georgia On My Mind
5. Sunny
6. Vicky Anderson -I Feel You Loving
7. Vicky Anderson -Yesterday
8. Its a New Day
9. Bewildered
10. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
11. Try Me
12. Papas Got A Brand New Bag/I Got You (I Feel Good)/I Got The Feelin-medley
13. Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose
14. Its A Mans Mans Mans World
15. Please, Please, Please
16. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine (reprise)
17. Super Bad
18. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved
19. Soul Power
20. James Brown and Sammy Davis Jr -There Was A Time-Saturday Night With Sammy

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