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Jameson Raid -The Hypnotist lp


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Brazilian only album on black vinyl. Limited to 250 numbered copies

Jameson Raid is not really a household name of the glorious N.W.O.B.H.M. but with ‘Seven Days of Splendour’ in 1979 (on GBH Records) and ‘The Hypnotist’ (one year later on Blackbird Music) the band of singer Terry Dark released two singles which definitely rate in my Top 20 of the genre! According to Terry, both singles had a circulation of 3,000 copies each. This album features The Hypnotist EP (also knows as End Of Part One) as well as the song Hard Lines from the EMI compilation Metal For Muthas Vol.2, a number a lot of people rate very highly. There are also tacks from The Raid demos of 1982 and 1983. The Electric Sun version is a different version to the one on the Just As The Dust Had Settled compilation album

Track list:
1. The Hypnotist
2. The Raid
3. Getting Hotter
4. Straight From The Butchers
5. Hard Lines
6. Run For Cover
7. Poor Little Rich Girl
8. Getting Hotter
9. Electric Sun
10. Running Blind

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Phoenix Records / Blackbird Records

Catalogue Number

BR 1-1980

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