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Jantar –Svetiste Svinja cd


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Svetiste Svinja was Jantars debut album and was originally released back in 2011. The antichristian imagery on the cover will make you think its a brutal black metal releases but its underground hardcore rap and hip-hop with a grudge against society. All lyrics are in Croatian, Jantars mother language. This is for fans of underground hip hop, no commercial garbage here, rough classy beats and raw pissed vocal delivery

Track list:
1. Svetiste Svinja
2. Otkazan Dolazak
3. Ako Odem
4. Cro A Poker
5. Nesto Cu Ti Reci
6. Mreza
7. Dan Ludila
8. Sjetite Se Moga Lika
9. Na Odjelu Sjena
10. 19. Paralela
11. Dan Zivih Mrtvaca
12. Fotografije
13. Geni Smrti
14. Inferno Blues
15. Ulice Bijelog
16. Zuta Minuta
17. Princ Tame
18. Razgovori S Duhom
19. Ponovo Covjek

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MCDT Company / Narcoleptica Productions

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MCDT004 / NP-300-21