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Jay Aaron -Inside Out cd


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The one and only album by Jay Aaron Podolnick from Austin, Texas. Mr Aaron started with the help of Bill Ham and his management, the same guy that were responsible for ZZ Tops massive success, and they landed a deal with Warner Brothers. However the album “Inside Out”, sounds nothing like the three-chord boogie blues we can expect from Texas. No instead we have something similar to Jeff Paris and/or Paul Sabu. The songs itself are massive and complex and with good production. All tracks doesnt work out as great as others but overall its a fine mainstream AOR disc that unfortunately got killed instantly due to bad timing arriving at the beginning of the grunge era.

Track list:
1. Misery’s Edge
2. Don’t Let Go
3. Call Me Tonight
4. Burning High And Bright
5. I Believe In You
6. Ronda
7. All Day Long
8. Loving You Is Like Holding The Wind
9. Carry The Wheel
10. You’re So Far Away

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Warner Brothers Records

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9 26306-2

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