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Jessica Curry ‎–Everybodys Gone To The Rapture dlp [blue]


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Double album on blue vinyls with 4-page booklet and gatefold cover. Limited 500 numbered copies

The soundtrack to the groundbreaking 2015 PlayStation 4 game Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture features the music of BAFTA-nominated composer Jessica Curry. The music was recorded at the famed AIR Studios in London and features solo vocal performances by renowned Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas, ethereal choir, and a tragically beautiful orchestral accompaniment.

Track list:
1. All The Earth
2. Finding The Pattern
3. Liquid Light
4. The Sleep Of Death
5. For Ever
6. The Mourning Tree
7. Disappearing
8. All Of My Birds
9. A Choice
10. The Seventh Whistler
11. An Early Harvest
12. The Fragmenting
13. A Beautiful Morning
14. Carry Me Back To Her Arms
15. A Storm Over Yaughton
16. Little White Lie
17. Aurora
18. Clouds And Starlight
19. The Pattern Calls Out
20. The Manifestation
21. These Silent Numbers
22. Primary Conduit
23. I Hope You Find Peace
24. Slipping Away
25. Infinite Zero
26. The End Of All Things
27. I Am Not Afraid
28. The Light We Cast

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