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Jim Dandy -Ready As Hell cd


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Still sealed 2016 cd release

Keyboard player, singer and songwriter Jim Dandy came to prominence as the guiding light behind one of the southern states of America’s most inspiring bands, Black Oak Arkansas. Black Oak Arkansas was a raunchy and rowdy southern boogie band that scored hits and made huge tours in the 70s. However in the early 80s Jim Dandy Mangrum had to take some time off from the band after an auto accident. By the time he returned the Black Oak Arkansas was nothing more than an empty shell and Jim Dandy recorded the Ready As Hell album together with the bands guitarist Rickie Lee Reynolds that some say is a Dandy solo album while other call it a Black Oak Arkansas album even calling it Jim Dandy And Black Oak Arkansas. Ready As Helll is a a mix of Southern hard rock music and heavy metal so it seems like Jim was flirting with the booming heavy metal market in the Us at the time. And from Reynolds opening chords to Reay As Hell you can expect that youre in for a fine ride in the Black Oak Arkansas style. Another album, The Black Attack, would follow in 1986 before Mangrum started to reform Black Oak Arkansas for occasional tours during the late 80s and most of the 90s.

Track list:
1. Ready As Hell
2. Here Comes The Wind
3. The Liberty Rebellion
4. Don’t Tempt The Devil
5. Get Ahead Of Your Time
6. Black Cat Woman
7. Rude And Crude
8. Space Cadet
9. Fascination Alley
10. Denouncement

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