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Jimi Hendrix –Crash Landing cd


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First released in February of 1975 and containing a wealth of rare and previously unavailable tracks, Crash Landing is an enduring testament to the genius of Jimi Hendrix. Eight original cuts highlight not only the guitarist’s endlessly inventive improvisational artistry but a host of talented backing musicians, including such longtime Hendrix stalwarts as drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox. After reaching an agreement with the artist’s estate in early 1975, producers Alan Douglas and Tony Bongiovi began assembling unreleased material for a new Jimi Hendrix album. The original tracks for the LP were subsequently augmented by such top-notch studio artists as Jeff Mironov (guitar), Allan Schwartzberg (drums), Jimmy Maeulen (percussion), Bob Babbit (bass), and a chorus of backing vocalists that included Vivian Cherry, Linda November and Barbara Massey. The result was Crash Landing, a seamless blend of original and updated material. Critically, this recording was shot down in 1975 because of added overdubs after Jimi’s passing and that the studio musicians on this recording wasnt on par with Jimi’s own band. But whatever you do dont let this pass as its unheard Hendrix material. The track Captain Coconut is worth the price alone. Peace In Mississippi is a tune that always gets the hair on the nape of my neck rising in static electricity. What a jam. Alan Douglas does a decent job remixing this Helter Skelter like bombastic torrent of sheer emotion. Then we have the amazing opening track Message Of Love or the title track Crash Landing. The title says it all. Jimi was bummed out about the worthless drug scene with the dead beat hippie bad drug peddling low lifes that were amassing around his entourage and really messing with his sacred circle of trusted friends. And the girlfriend that refuses to heed the warning of these drugs was a bummer for Jimi. He shunned hard drugs cause it was detrimental to the spiritual connection involved in music and he sings about it here.

Track list:
1. Message To Love
2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
3. Crash Landing
4. Come Down Hard On Me
5. Peace In Mississippi
6. With The Power
7. Stone Free Again
8. Captain Coconut

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