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Jimi Hendrix -In The Sixties poster


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This is a very rare picture. This photo was originally taken by a youngster that lived in the same neighbourhood as Jimi Hendrix in London in the late 60s. As Hendrix had problems walking the streets of London after he was famous, he had this kid helping him out with all the errands, like getting guitar strings, cigarettes etc. Jimi Hendrix was never particularly found of having his picture taken without a guitar in his hand. So photos like this was mostly taken by his closest friends,. The ones he trusted the most. When Hendrix’s help-out turned into a full grown man, long after Hendrix death, he decided to take one of his old photos and turn it into a poster. So here it is, a photo of Jimi Hendrix taken at the thrash bin on the street at the same block where he had his apartment.

Size approx: 40 x 50 cm