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Jimi Hendrix -Videobiography dvd


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This detailed case study is the first major re-assessment of the factors that shaped the music of Jimi Hendrix. Now 40 years on from that fateful, iconic guitar sacrifice at the Monterey Pop Festival gig on the 18th of June 1967, we take you inside the legacy of the greatest guitar player that ever lived. Drawing on rare performances from film and television archives around the world, including extracts from that groundbreaking Monterey Pop appearance and the Isle of Wight Festival, this is an interesting review of the music of Jimi Hendrix on record, on stage and on film. The most negative thing about this dvd is some of the comments made by esteemed rock journalists which Hendrix fans will find appalling, not appealing. One of these journalists (OK, I won’t mention names!) claims that Hendrix never actually played with his teeth, that he just faked the mouth against the strings thing and simply plucked the strings with his fret hand! Hogwash! It’s obvious and common knowledge that Hendrix did play with his teeth. Photos at certain angles of him doing this reveal his mouth wide open, eyes closed, teeth bared, right against the strings. Such a facial expression would be overkill if he were not actually performing the act. Also, the notes heard while he plays this way have a very distinctive, percussive attack, so it’s obvious he is plucking the strings with a very hard object–his teeth, maybe?? And then another journalist goes on record to say that Electric Ladyland was not a great album. What is this, a video to pay tribute to the greatest electric guitarist of all time, or a platform to slam him?? Well, it serves rather poorly as the former, and quite well as the latter. This 60 minutes will be a bit of an up and down ride. Some live and tv material are always nice to watch while as I said some of the comments made will just upset you.

Subtitled in: French, Swedish, Italian, German and Spanish

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