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Jobcentre Rejects Ultra rare NWOBHM 1978-1982 lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover, huge poster and badge

“larger than life music made by larger than life people”

A super deluxe reissue of rare NWOBHM singles originally released between 1978-82. Remastered and restored sound, extensive liner notes, rare photos and memorabilia, gatefold sleeve and absolutely no expenses saved when it comes to make a first class reissue. Featured artists on this initial volume of Jobcentre Rejects include: Predatür, Stray, Metal Mirror, Overdrive, Spider, The Next Band and Frenzy. 12 tracks and 45 minutes playing time in total. The original 45s were privately released, issued in extremely small quantities and are nowadays highly collectable and some of them fetch sums in the range 400-600 USD each when (if…) they ever shows up for sale. Extensive liner notes by renowned UK writer Kieron Tyler (Mojo, The Guardian and more)

Track list:
1. Baseline -Suspended Animation
2. Predatür -Seen You Here
3. Spider -Children Of The Street
4. Stray -This One’s For You
5. Overdrive -On The Run
6. Frenzy -Thanx For Nothing
7. Die Laughing -You Got The Power
8. Speed -Down The Road
9. Energy -Don’t Show Your Face
10. The Next Band -Never On A Win
11. Static -Voice On The Line
12. Metal Mirror -(Living On) English Booze

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