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Joe Lynn Turner -Live In Germany cd


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Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner released approx 10 solo albums between 1985 and 2005 but he will probably most be remembered for his short tenure with the band Rainbow from 1981 and 1984. All heck why not, it was were his popularity soared and ultimately ended, at atleast commercially. Since those Rainbow days, Joe’s been a part of Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force, Deep Purple, Mother’s Army, Hughes Turner Project, Brazen Abbot, Sunstorm, Cem Koksal, and countless session work since his Rainbow days. Live In Germany is first offical solo release and it was recorded on the 30th of September 2007 at the Rock Fabrik in Ludqigsburg in Germany. You’d think, just like as with any other artist, that it would be a career spanning hits / song collection, right? Well think again, Joe relies heavily on the Rainbow catalog, so much so that 9 of the 13 tracks performed were all Rainbow songs. While not necessarily a horrible thing but JLT has put out some brillant solo work and this album only features 2 solo pieces. Besides these two and the Rainbow tunes we have 1 song from the AOR masterpiece Sunstorm project and a cover of Deep Purple Burn. The sound is great, the guitars are mixed in nicely, and Joe’s voice is still fantastic and it reminds me that he is and always has been underrated as a singer. If you dig Rainbow and Joe’s voice then you need this one.

Track list:
1. Death Alley Driver
2. I Surrender
3. Power
4. Street Of Dreams
5. Power Of Love
6. Can’t Let You Go
7. Jealous Lover
8. Your Love Is Life
9. Blood Red Sky
10. Stone Cold
11. Can’t Happern Here
12. Spotlight Kid
13. Burn

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